Together We Surf

Monday 15 June 2020

Together We Surf! On the new wave of solar energy!

New marketing campaign Sunity for the restart of the economy and renewable energies in Luxembourg! "Together We Surf" on the new wave of solar energy! Sunity is your best partner!

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Tuesday 12 May 2020

2020-2021 Recovery plan to accelerate the energy transition

We have all heard the details of Minister Déi Gréng who mentioned several actions dedicated to restart the Luxembourg economy by also promoting renewable energies. We especially note the first three reforms which are of particular interest to us for the services we offer with Sunity.

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Monday 02 March 2020

Launch of the collaborative platform Sunity ! On the way to the energy transition!

As part of the energy transition, Enovos Service has taken the initiative to launch a collaborative platform whose objective is to facilitate the development of cooperative photovoltaic projects in Luxembourg. This by targeting projects with a minimum power of +/- 30kWp up to 500kWp for companies and municipalities with an available area of at least 150m2 on a pitched roof or 300m2 on a flat roof up to +/- 10,000m2.

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