2020-2021 Recovery plan to accelerate the energy transition


Publication: 06/12/2020


We have all heard the details of Minister Déi Gréng who mentioned several actions dedicated to restart the Luxembourg economy by also promoting renewable energies. We especially note the first three reforms which are of particular interest to us for the services we offer with Sunity:


- aid for photovoltaic installations above 30kW will be accessible to all; This means that a public limited company could also invest in a renewable project without necessarily having to create a cooperative. An advantage for private companies although the municipalities are increasingly adopting the cooperative model;


- a subsidy program for private electric charging stations under development, complementary to the Chargy network and which will be aimed at users wishing to recharge their vehicle at home;


- a network of fast charging stations will be developed;


- Prime House for energy retrofitting of buildings increased by 50% for contracts signed since March 20 and until March 21, 2021. The work may be done until the end of 2022;


- a "25% increase in aid" if you replace your heating with a system based on renewable energy;


- a 25% bonus for replacing the boiler;


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Author: Vincent COLIN, Business Development Manager - Enovos Services Luxembourg S.A. - publication date 12/06/2020 - www.sunity.lu