Launch of the collaborative platform Sunity ! On the way to the energy transition!


Publication: 02/03/2020


As part of the energy transition, Enovos Service has taken the initiative to launch a collaborative platform whose objective is to facilitate the development of cooperative photovoltaic projects in Luxembourg. This by targeting projects with a minimum power of +/- 30kWp up to 500kWp for companies and municipalities with an available area of ​​at least 150m2 on a pitched roof or 300m2 on a flat roof up to +/- 10,000m2.


Since the new Grand-Ducal decree published on April 19, 2019, Luxembourg is now favoring more powerful cooperative projects with a new level between 200 and 500kWp which offers a guaranteed rate of 0.12EUR / kWh for 15 years for a connection in 2020. The energy transition is thus part of our daily life and we want to offer the possibility to each citizen to be an actor of the energy transition in local projects with a positive meaning for the society. Thus, Sunity contributes to local development with local actors but also by giving access to investments to all citizens wishing to participate and invest in local cooperatives.


With a role of facilitator for municipalities and companies, Sunity takes care of all administrative procedures for cooperatives, from the technical study, from budgeting to negotiation of each project, Sunity also supports study offices or project developers. Our role as coordinator in all stages of a project is to ensure satisfaction for all those involved in the cooperative. Carrying out “cooperative” citizen projects that want to participate in the energy transition and benefit from attractive returns is possible with Sunity! We are therefore at your disposal for all questions related to your project.


Author: Vincent COLIN, Business Development Manager - Enovos Services Luxembourg S.A. - publication date 02/03/2020 -