New marketing campaign Sunity for the restart of the economy and renewable energies in Luxembourg! "Together We Surf" on the new wave of solar energy! Sunity is your best partner for the energy transition!


Publication: 15/06/2020


Enovos Services Luxembourg S.A. launches a new marketing campaign with its new Sunity clip "Together We Surf" on the new wave of solar energy! We are all very attentive to the change in the new Grand-Ducal regulations to restart the economic activity in Luxembourg. This with the recovery plan recently announced by the Luxembourg Government.


Sunity is ready to support all its customers or professional partners for the realization of technical studies of photovoltaic projects, to accompany you from A to Z starting from the budgeting of your projects until their realization! Whether you are a private company or a municipality, whether you wish to carry out a project by investing yourself or by involving the citizen via a cooperative, Sunity offers you all the solutions to manage your project on the best way.


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Author: Vincent COLIN, Business Development Manager - Enovos Services Luxembourg S.A. - publication date 15/06/2020 -