Municipalities and businesses


Co-owned photovoltaic projects,
cooperation with municipalities and businesses

Enovos Services, municipalities and businesses: three strong visionary partners to make the public participants in the energy transition!

Enovos Services wants to create synergies with municipalities and businesses in order to create innovative projects accessible to the public. Projects connected with renewable energies often represent a major investment in money and time, and management involves significant administrative work.
Our concept allows innovative projects to be implemented without financial risks to the municipalities and businesses, and without having to take charge of the planning, execution and administrative management of a project.
In addition, this responsible outlook gives you an opportunity to involve the residents of your municipality or the employees of your company and to bring them together to become participants in the energy transition. 

Illustration Panneaux Photovoltaïques

Participants' responsabilities

Local authorities and businesses

  • Provision of the roofs for solar panels.
  • Advertising/Promotion of the project in the municipality and among the company's employees.
  • Provision of a conference room for an information session.

Enovos Services 

  • Advice, preliminary studies, technical visits, budgeting for each project. 
  • Joint coordinator and joint manager of the cooperatives.
  • Role as facilitator for local authorities and businesses.
  • Assistance with administrative procedures (e.g. drafting of the cooperative's articles of association, negotiation of the project's terms and conditions, financial management, business case validation,...)
  • Advertising/Promotion of the project on the Sunity Platform with integrated online payment.
  • Management and operational control including project maintenance and monitoring.


  • Acquire shares in the cooperative by making a capital contribution.