Public participation in a cooperative
Public involvement is a cornerstone of the energy transition.

sunity is the ideal solution for public participation in the energy transition. Become a participant now by visiting our site regularly to access information on projects under development.
Participate in the energy transition by producing solar energy locally.

sunity is mainly active in Luxembourg in order to propose local and socially responsible projects.
Support our projects and participate in the fight against climate change.

offers cooperative members an attractive return for anyone interested in investing in its project.
Become a responsible citizen by becoming a part of the energy transition.

Co-owned photovoltaic projects, from resident to co-partner

This involves installing, in cooperation with the municipality or private companies, one or more turnkey PV plants on municipal or private roofs making it possible for the residents of the municipality or employees of a company to buy shares and so participate actively in the production of green energy. Enovos Services coordinates all the activities necessary for the setup of a PV plant, that is:

  • Development of the general concept of the project.
  • Negotiation of the construction and maintenance contracts.
  • Primary contact for managers of the Municipal Administration and companies.
  • Management of the installation and operation of the photovoltaic plant.
  • Optimisation of the project profitability.
  • Follow-up management of the site.
  • Administrative management and maintenance of the photovoltaic plant.
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What are the key strengths?


For the Municipal Administration and the business:

  • A Municipality or company with a roof suitable for a photovoltaic installation offers its residents or employees the opportunity to contribute actively to the production of renewable energy.
  • They contribute actively to protection of the climate and to saving tonnes of greenhouse gases (CO2, etc.).
  • Introduction of a new local activity.
  • No impact on the budget of the Municipal Administration.

For the residents and employees of the company:

  • Active long-term participation in photovoltaic technology.
  • Investment of reasonable size and completely transparent.
  • Attractive profitability greater than the interest on a saving account.