Who are we?


sunity your partner and collaborative platform specialized in the management and development of photovoltaic installations.

sunity acts as a facilitator, design office and coordinator of photovoltaic projects by offering citizens, businesses and municipalities the possibility to become the main players in the energy transition.

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Sunity works with the leading installers and expert service providers in the field of building technical facilities in Luxembourg.

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Sunity aims to position itself as one of the leading players in Luxembourg in promoting renewable energies among all members of the public who wish to participate in the energy transition in Luxembourg.

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Enovos Services Luxembourg S.A. provides control and management of sunity to offer the best services to the public, to municipalities, and to businesses and project developers.


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Sunity is a transparent, socially responsible collaborative platform committed to offering projects with a strong local emphasis to all the cooperative members in each project.

Who Are We ?
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What are the advantages?



To facilitate public participation in the cooperatives developed by sunity as well as management of the invested capital, sunity provides a platform including all the municipal as well as industrial photovoltaic projects of a cooperative nature


 Ease of financial participation in the projects 
Enovos Services facilitates project financing with online payments for the purchase of shares in a cooperative project (MasterCard or Visa).


Security of transactions
Guarantee of investing on a trusted and secure platform for each transaction.


Anyone can become an investor
Everyone can invest and each campaign can be customised by geographic area.

The cooperative members co-invest alongside professional investors.


Simplified administrative management
Sunity allows the public to invest without administrative constraints.

Targeted campaigns
Platform that allows participatory investment on a national scale while targeting specific municipalities by geographic location.

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In order to meet the growing demand for photovoltaic projects for businesses or municipalities in Luxembourg with roofs that can accept up to 500 kWp, sunity is the solution for offering complete financing of the installation while making it possible for the public to participate in the energy transition.

sunity, the direct link between the energy producer and the public
The objectives of sunity

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To position itself as a facilitator for implementing cooperative photovoltaic projects in Luxembourg.

Icone Cadeau

To offer a collaborative platform to the public, municipalities, businesses and project developers that unites and facilitates the development and management of cooperative projects in Luxembourg.

Icone Energie Solaire

To offer the public a simple and practical way to take part in the energy transition.